Universal Contour Tail Drive System


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The Universal Contour tail drive system is a reliable and simple solution to drive the tail rotor inside models which have an elevated tail. The flexible tail system has been around for a long time and has a history of mixed results. The Universal Contour tail drive system was designed with a single goal to be reliable.

Universal Contour Tail Drive in Cobra 60 Our tail system includes the universal contour drive shaft, brass outer housing, Teflon inner support lining and formers for the tail boom. When assembled following our instructions and properly supported inside the tail boom of the model, the Universal Contour drive system will provide reliable performance with the current trend of heading lock gyros and high speed tail servos. The system is suitable for 30-90 class models.

Assembly is required to install the Universal Contour system and when you follow our installation instructions and take your time, you will achieve a very reliable tail drive which we have used for decades in scale models. We build and fly our products and we firmly believe you will be very satisfied with out tail system.

Feature List:

  • High quality flexible Contour drive shaft, lining & housing.
  • T6061 Aluminum square drive and round couplers.
  • Contour housing tail boom support formers included.
  • Suitable for 30-90 scale models with an elevated tail.

Required Items:

  • 5mm Tail transmission output and tail gear box inputs shafts.
  • Suitable access to tail boom to install support formers.
  • Silver Solder, Silver Solder Flux and small Butane torch.
  • Rotory tool, files, sandpaper and simple tools.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Q: Do you sell replacement parts?
    A: Yes. We know that couplers with set screws wear out and we provide replacement parts as required.
  2. Q: Will your tail drive work for 90 class models?
    A: Yes in scale models. The issue here is the rotational speed of the flexible tail shaft. Our shaft has been thoroughly tested in scale models and will perform well. If your 90 size scale model is flown with a head speed of 1800-2000 rpm, then you will need to inspect the tail drive at shorter intervals.
  3. Q: What symptoms should I monitor to keep my tail system in good shape?
    A: In our experience, set screws are the most common reason that tail drive systems slip. Slippage can be easily monitored by holding the main gear and applying a small amount of pressure in rotating the tail rotor. Some free movement is normal and as long at this amount remains the same your tail system will perform well.
  4. Q: I have heard about many crashed models using flexible tail shafts, how is yours better?
    A: There are two secrets when using flexible shafts. First, use an appropriate diameter shaft to handle the torque of the current trend of popular model engines. Second avoid alignment related problems between the flexible shaft and the tail output shaft on the mechanics. Our kits include an Aluminum tail boom section that is installed into the vertical section of the tail boom. It provides a hard mount for your tail gear box and it ensures the flexible tail shaft and housing are perfectly aligned to the tail shaft on the gearbox.

Product Disclaimer:
Approach Engineering LLC will not be held liable for any damages directly, indirectly or incidental as a result of using our products. Our tail drive system requires assembly to install. If you are in doubt of your ability to assemble our product, please contact us before you buy or seek assistance from an experienced modeler or company who is familiar with our product.