Apache 50 Fuselage Kit

Availability: Instock.

This AH-64A model fuselage was originally modeled to fit the Century Hawk Pro, Falcon and Raven series of helicopters because their mechanics are very compact and well suited for fuselages. Looking at trends in the 30-50 model helicopter market, we could not overlook popular models from other manufacturers. Models like the Thunder Tiger Raptor, JR Airskipper and the Trex 600 present a challenge with their belt driven tail system and we have come up with a near perfect solution to handle this in our fuselages. The solution was to offer a tail belt to drive shaft adapter for these mechanics. This method did not increase the price of the fuselage and only customers flying Raptors or similar need to purchase the adapter and convert a tail gear box. For more information, see our Tail Drive Adapter Kit.

The Apache fuselage will fit glow and electric 600-700 class mechanics with a rotorspan of up to 51" [130cm] but due to its overall light-weight, can accept smaller mechanics. Many different models can be fitted and the best way to evaluate this is to measure the widest point in your lower mechanics. This is commonly the diameter of main gear or the widest point of the lower frames. This dimension should be under 5 3/8" [13.6cm] which is the internal width of the fuselage.

As a general recommendation the fuselage will fit 30 size mechanics but modelers should be using the 46~50 size engine when building the model for general scale flying. In choosing a mechanics, not all 30 class support installing the larger 50 size engine, but this has been the trend in the last decade. Every detail shown in this section is included with the fuselage. The Apache is just packed full of scale details and functional items that will make building our fuselage a pleasure. New modelers should be aware that between opening your new AH-64A Apache fuselage and finishing the model can take between 2 to 6 weeks, depending on how much time you can commit to building and finishing.

Compatible Models List:

  • Century Hawk Pro, Falcon, Raven & Scale Mechanics (all use metal lower frames)
  • Thunder Tiger 30-50 Raptor
  • JR Airskipper 50
  • Trex 600
  • (many 30-50 & 600-700 class models)

Feature List:

  • High quality laser cut balsa and plywood interlocking parts.
  • Clear windows included for the windshield and upper cockpit windows.
  • Upper transmission bay and cockpit easily detaches to access mechanics.
  • Plenty of space ahead of the main shaft for a fully detailed cockpit.
  • Scale carbon composite landing struts with functional main Oleo struts and wheels.
  • Hellfire launchers, rocket pods, 30mm Chain Gun & TADS turret included.
  • Flexible 4mm tail drive shaft, housing and adapters included for 5mm takeoff shafts.
  • Telescoping tail boom section in tail to fine tune flexible shaft.
  • Short vertical tail pushrod and tail bellcrank pivot components included.
  • Step by step instruction manual with construction photographs & full size plan.

Required & Optional Items:

  • Flat covering material (Monokote) or similar finishing materials & tools.
  • Suitable rudder pushrod to match the type of gyro & rudder servo being used.
  • Optional: Flexible pushrod & mini servo to actuate the rear scale elevator.
  • Optional: Flexible pushrod & mini servo to actuate the front 30mm chain gun rotation.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Q: Can I fly the Apache using a 30 size glow engine?
    A: Only for expert pilots. The model is very underpowered and should not be flown on windy days.
  2. Q: What if the muffler or main gear interfers with the fuselage side?
    A: Most standard torpedo style mufflers will fit completely inside the fuselage. If your muffler has some fit problems, then as you build up the fuselage, this is very easy to solve with a scale detail added to the outside of the fuselage to cover the problem part.
  3. Q: How do I fine tune the final position for the flexible shaft?
    A: In the elevated tail section, we have you build a telescoping section of tailboom where the outer section is bonded into the tail framework and the inner is connected to the tail gearbox, providing the tension adjustment. Once the tension is set, you tighten a clamp style collar to secure them in position.
  4. Q: Will an ARF version be offered?
    A: No. We plan to keep our products in assembly kit format to make future kit upgrades possible.
  5. Q: Will you offer a belt version? I have heard that the flexible tail drive is unreliable.
    A: No. We include a heavy duty 4mm flexible tail drive system that when installed following our instructions, performs exceptionally well with heading lock gyros.
  6. Q: I have a Raptor, will it fit this fuselage?
    A: Yes, but you need to purchase the tail drive adapter kit and make modifications to your tail gearbox or purchase a tail gearbox that is shaft driven.
  7. Q: On my Raptop, do I have to buy a new tail rotor gearbox to fit into the Apache's tail?
    A: Not necessarily. We have tested the stock Raptor tail rotor system using a few Century tail parts which work together with our flexible tail shaft and your pitch actuator and tail rotor hub system. We detail a list of conversion parts at the end of the tail drive adapter instruction manual.
  8. Q: What other belt driven helicopters will fit?
    A: We have successfully installed the tail drive adapter on the JR Airskipper and the Trex 600. Any belt driven helicopter that uses a 22mm diameter tail boom can use the adapter, if you are unsure that your model is compatible, then please contact us with your details before you buy.